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Who are we and what are we doing

The Company "I-B-H Technologie"

originated from the "Ing. Büro Heinz Hartig"

which was founded in 1976.

The founder Ing. Heinz Hartig is an engineer with a focus on mechanical engineering.
His professional career includes general mechanical engineering,
Aircraft technology, water technology and a practice-oriented chemistry training.
But long before the Ing. Büro Heinz Hartig was founded,
Heinz Hartig worked and researched in the wide field of

"Water treatment as in nature".

uses only natural processes without any chemical additives
(e.g., oxidizing or disinfecting agents), but in highly concentrated,
reinforced form and thus skips the "reaction intermediate steps",
which must be done by nature.


This means that no intermediates are formed which are (almost) always more harmful than the starting material.

For more than 40 years, Heinz Hartig has successfully developed systems and special technology for this area of responsibility. In close collaboration with various universities, scientists and with the Institut Fresenius (Taunusstein) Heinz Hartig has efficient and pioneering technology developed. With the development of special reactor technologies, a unique technique has been created and patented or new patents pending. IBH Technologie continuously researches and develops new innovative techniques for water treatment, water care and water conditioning. IBH Technologie has now been extended to another interesting yet little-explored knowledge area from the "universe of the water world". "Water programming (water conditioning)" IBH Technologie will also be represented in the Czech Republic and Bolivia in the future. Further representations (worldwide) are already planned.