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    One of the basic requirements for life as we know it.

    Leonardo da Vinci once said:

    „Water takes on as many characteristics as the places through which it flows. And as the mirror changes with the color of an object, the water changes with the character of the place.“


    Water is not just "one (!)" But "THAT (!!)" Universal solvents on this planet. Without water and its properties, no biological and biochemical processes would be possible. And just because water has these properties, It can "dissolve" almost all substances and transport them into the environment. Water always finds the easiest way. Thus, the dissolved substances reach all living organisms.

                           Of course, they can reach us as well.

    According to this fact, it must be carefully cared for and protected. Due to the rapid shortage of "clean" water efficient and resource-saving reprocessing (cleaning) is essential. The reprocessing must be designed, that this process does not cause a new environmental burden in the form of chemical residues or, clean water is present after cleaning, but the polluting substances have landed on a hazardous waste landfill, from where they easily find their way back into our drinking water.

    Thus, an efficient cleaning means:

                   as little as possible to the hazardous waste landfill.

    Nature cleans the water. Unfortunately, in many cases, the cleaning process can take a long time, making "clean" water a scarce commodity. In order to minimize or even prevent environmental damage, damage to humans, animals and plants, the efficient reprocessing of water is a top priority.

                  Basically, water is charged after "use".

    In nature, oxidation processes take place to purify the water. Since in most cases she has to try to cleanse bacteria, in most cases she can not take a straight path. Most of the time she has to take several steps to use this process.

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