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    Helion (45 - 320)

    Helion or the Helion technology series is a patented developmentbzw






    After about 15 years of development time could IBH-Technologiethe the


    the patents for this technology log on and about 3 years later they were




    Helion allows a natural principle to be used extremely efficiently.


    Helion works on the basis of photo-oxidation and uses it


    in addition to the usual UV radiation UVC-253nm the photolytically active


    UVC-185nm radiation.


    You can find informative documents about this reactor generation under


    following links.



    Helion 45 (pdf)


    Diverses Info-Material zu Helion 45 (pdf)



    IBH-Technologie does not own the patent rights anymore.



    Produced and supplied in Germany, India and the USA


    IBH-Technologie thus no Helion technology (also no special versions).






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