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    The actual Stituation

    The dissolved ingredients in water can range from good and healthy to bad and toxic (toxic).
    Today, even in almost untouched areas (such as Patagonia), the waters are no longer unloaded. Yes, even the ice at the poles of the earth is already in line with the "achievements of the modern world". loaded.

    All of these substances are biologically active and active.

    Through the thoughtless and ruthless multiplication of humans, this elementally important raw material (water) is charged faster than nature can cleanse it again. Natural processes also change the water continuously,

    but above all the people with their activities, changes and pollutes the water.

    Pesticides, drug residues, hormones, glyphosate, micro- and nano plastics, bacteria, viruses, fungi and much more, get into the rivers and are shipped to the oceans. An end to the excessively problematic substances is not in sight, but is constantly increasing. At this point I would like to mention a remarkable lecture by Dipl. - Geoökol. Markus Lehmann (LfU Baden-Württemberg)

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